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Monday, January 10, 2011

A Quick One (While Boehner's Away)

Got twenty minutes before the Feminist Front meeting, and felt the need to put this out there.

Without question, John Boehner is an asshole. He's the head of an increasingly deluded and reactionary Republican party, his only legislative aims are to repeal everything President Obama ever so much as blinked in agreement to. Matt Taibbi puts it best, saying that he is "the hairy blue mold on the American congressional sandwich." The man will only do harm to this country; here, I have absolutely no disagreement with my fellow progressives.

But for fuck's sake, everyone, stop it with making fun of the fact that he cries a lot. It's just not important, and by making a mockery out of this act, no matter how much of an easy target it is, by doing so we're putting ourselves in the same douchebag boat as the Republicans. If the emotion is genuine, then, that's about the guy's only redeeming quality. And mocking someone for having emotions is just childish; what one does by making fun of another's genuine tears is just propagating the genderization of the act of crying: that it's girlish and silly. It accomplishes nothing and only fosters the festering filth at work in Washington.

So, progressives and lefties, please: focus on the fact that he's a partisan hack. Focus on the fact that he's in the pocket of every K Street lobbyist who waved a dollar bill in his face. Focus on the fact that he was caught handing out checks from Big Tobacco on the floor of the House. Don't sink to the petty name calling and middle school antics of the GOP. Just stop it.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Topical City, Citizen Radio, and Apocalyptic Hip Hop

Two months after the fact, and we begin.

I've been losing my mind the past two months, during which I had finals (which I crushed, thanks very much) and also started my new job at the DePaul University Art Museum which has been really great. For an art nerd like me, it's the perfect position, doing all the behind-the-scenes work and seeing how a professional gallery really operates. Aside from my boss' appallingly awful taste in music (think alt-country wailing), it's just fantastic. Add to the fact that the renovations on campus are going to yield a brand fancy new space for us in the fall, it's going to be a really cool experience.

I've also been writing a fair bit, both for my novel and for a brand new Internet publication called Topical City. It's a magazine written by Manchester City fans like myself from several different supporter's sites on the Webz. You can find it at http://topicalcity.co.uk, and I'm really pleased with the end product. I've got a piece in there on our underperforming midfield dynamo James Milner, who has really managed to pick himself up after the article was published! Not taking credit or anything... in any case, it's a great publication and if you have any interest in City or football in general you should take a look.

All is aflutter on the Blue side of Manchester, as it always is, and December was a damned good month for us, as we won four out of five. What we've really been missing, though, has been a killer edge in front of goal, especially during Carlos Tevez's snit fit a few weeks ago; he is brilliant, in my opinion the best striker in the world, but even with him in the side we have been missing a simply ridiculous number of scoring chances. To my great delight, however, Roberto Mancini completed the signing of Bosnian international striker Edin Dzeko, who until recently played for Wolfsburg in the German Bundesliga. Having watched him a fair bit, I can honestly say I am buzzing at this signing; he's the complete package, tall enough to head them in and good with both feet. Once he gets settled, and starts receiving crosses from Adam Johnson and David Silva, who has been a brilliant signing himself, City will really start charging towards the title.

Alright, Americans, I'm done talking football. Onto something you really like.... socialist independent media. For the past few months, I have been madly in love with a little podcast called Citizen Radio, hosted by the up-and-coming standup comedian and ninja fighter extraordinaire Jamie Kilstein, along with his brilliant political writer spouse Allison Kilkenny. For a taste of the ideology, watch this clip:

Fucking great, right? The show is on three times a week, and they discuss all the big stories that come along in addition to the ones that are far too unfashionable to be covered by the mainstream media. If you're reading this blog, I'm guessing that you're some kind of lefty wacko progressive like me, and if that's the case (and even if not), try out a couple of episodes. They do tend to start off a little goofily, but hang around for the meat of the political stories. And if you like it, become a member. Jamie and Allison are totally independent, putting together the whole operation by themselves, and they need moneys. I'm a Miscreant myself.

So, that's about all I've got. Going to try and get my Top 10 Albums of 2010 up sometime this week. In the meantime, I'll leave you with the track that's currently blowing my mind, by a Denver MC named Sole, in this case remixed by my absolute favorite person alive, Astronautalis. Have a good week, kids.